dpoc – more than just a name

The way we work 

In the field of digitization, we work according to the dpoc principle developed by us. Dpoc stands for Digital-Process-Optimization-Concept and it includes all modules we use for your successful path during the process.

Analysis of the process

The process recording of the actual situation takes place at a personal meeting on site with the customer.

  • How does the customer work?

  • Which work steps are carried out how?

  • What should the future process look like?

The development is carried out in close coordination and continuous dialogue with the customer.


The target / actual comparison contrasts the actual process to the target process. Here, the information from the process recording is emphasized and compared with the customer's wishes (TARGET), which were determined during the workshop. Potential optimization opportunities are highlighted.

The knowledge gained from the process recording is modelled and it is presented visually. The result is presented to the customer and it is discussed. Once the process has been initiated, a decision is made on the further procedure at customer's option.

Optimization of the process 

To make the most of the optimization potentials identified in the analysis of the process, it is necessary to conduct a comprehensive investigation of the entire IT environment (infrastructure, hardware and software).

The knowledge gained from this is then discussed together with the customer and a customer-specific solution is developed.

This information is then visually displayed on a software map.

Realization and product choice

By using the generated process map for the process optimization, the necessary steps are implemented.

Once the solution has been implemented, an extensive test phase is carried out before the solution is put into operation.


To guarantee a durable release capability, we offer a maintenance contract to our customers including updates, possibly new functions and support.

At customer’s option, the contract will be connected to our ticket system.

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Hossein Tahmaz
Managing Director