Agile software development


Implementing efficient software development processes will be of great importance for companies in a fast-paced and ever-changing industry if they want to be successful. By using such processes, we as developers can make development more transparent and implement changes more quickly. An important point here is to ensure that executable software is developed at an early stage.

This allows our customers to check progress and give us early feedback. This allows us to minimize risks and errors in development, as problems can be identified and corrected in time.

Another advantage of implementing such processes is that we have frequent coordination with the customer.



This fosters close collaboration and creates a deeper understanding of the customer's requirements and needs. This makes it possible to react flexibly to change requests and to include them quickly in the development process.

An iterative and incremental approach ensures that the product is developed gradually and can be continuously improved. This ensures high quality and prevents the project from going in the wrong direction.

In conclusion, implementing efficient software development processes helps to make development more transparent, implement changes faster, minimize risks and errors, and enable close collaboration with the customer.


As base of agile software development


We chose the agile development method because it allows us to work efficiently in short work phases, the so-called "sprints". Each sprint has a clearly defined sub-goal or version that we want to achieve. The incremental presentation of the product after each sprint allows us to receive early feedback and to make adjustments if necessary.

To keep track of product requirements, we use a backlog where requirements are sorted by priority. It serves as a guide for development, while we are aware that the backlog can change during the process of development.


To ensure that everyone is on the same page, we exchange information on the current status of work daily. These short exchange periods allow us to react quickly to changes and collaborate effectively. In addition, we regularly reflect on past sprints to improve our way of working and learn from our experiences.

By combining all these elements, we can successfully implement our projects and constantly improve them.

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We use microservices to break down complex software into smaller and independent services. These services communicate with each other in a language-independent manner making their integration easier. A big advantage is that the services are largely decoupled from each other and only perform a small task. This allows us to reuse individual services and combine them flexibly.


This allows us to deliver complex software faster and more reliably. By reducing complexity in this way, we achieve a smooth process in the development of our products.



Thanks to the flexibility of the Kafka framework, we can easily address the specific needs of each system and ensure seamless integration. Whether it's exchanging data with Oracle or connecting to Salesforce or SAP applications, we're in direct contact with these systems thanks to the powerful Apache Kafka framework. This allows us to collaborate efficiently and run our business processes smoothly.


We use Docker, an open-source platform for isolating applications. With Docker, our applications are packaged into so-called "containers" that can be easily send and run. These containers virtualize a server's operating system and allow us to run applications independently of the underlying infrastructure. Thanks to Docker, we can easily create, launch, and stop containers, which makes it much easier to develop and deploy our applications. Docker is a huge help, especially for microservice architectures, as it simplifies the execution and distribution of individual services. By using Docker, we also reduce repetitive configuration and thus reduce costs.

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